If you are facing criminal charges one of the most important decisions that you can make is whether or not to retain legal representation. A competent criminal defense attorney can help you understand the consequences you may face in the event of a conviction, the plea bargains you may be offered throughout your court proceedings, and how to best present your case in court. Even if you do not retain a criminal defense attorney to represent you at trial, anyone and everyone with criminal charges against them can benefit from, at the very least, a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal charges can and often end with prison, fines, community service, and other court-mandated punishments. Depending on the case, criminal charges also have the potential to permanently damage your future by crippling your future employment opportunities, lowering your social standing in the community, and preventing you from voting, owning a firearm, and participating in many other rights afforded to American citizens.

Protect yourself now and protect your future by consulting with a competent criminal defense attorney before your case goes to trial. Contact us now to set up an appointment.